Over 50 or age 55 plus and considering a change from your Montclair, Cedar Grove, Bloomfield or Verona home? Essex County offers a variety of lifestyle choices for singles, families and seniors.  And this is especially true, when you are of an age moving from the parent to grandparent stage, where change is inevitable.  

Your needs and the needs of your family change, but that connection to community is still a vital one.  Where you live and how you live makes a difference to your happiness level at every stage of life’s incredible journey.  

When your career is closer to planning the retirement than choosing the growth path; when savings is more about living expenses being covered than the next fancy vacation; who can you turn to for real estate advice?

Bearing the proud badge of the National Association of Realtors designation SRES, your local marketing specialist has the expertise to assist real estate consumers with a “senior” designation. The Seniors Real Estate Specialist training focuses on the real estate challenges for those in the 50 plus category, because the needs and concerns are different than our single, young couples and young families wants and needs in a home.

Downsizing sounds so simple; just purchase a smaller house!  However, there is really so much more to it than that, not to mention the very different financial considerations as well.  

The specific needs to consider both now and later must all be well thought out in advance to avoid making one move now and then possibly another a short time later.  The no pressure approach to purchasing taught to earn the SRES embraces those considerations.  

The counsel of the marketing specialist must include alternatives to a typical real estate buying or selling experience.  The type of homes being chosen from will need to meet certain needs now yet easily adapt to aging in place.  

Your SRES certified marketing specialist will assist you in locating and securing exactly the right home for now and later, in beautiful New Jersey!

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