You wouldn't drive your car day after day for an entire year without ever checking, and changing, the oil, would you? We all understand the value of maintenance for our automobiles, and how that increases our gas mileage and preserves not just the life, but the proper functioning of our car.

You could skip the homeowners annual maintenance TO DO list - but why not take 30 minutes to an hour now to save time, money and major possible headache later?

The fall into winter TO DO list may be the most important and greatest preventative of major repair problems - AND COSTS - down the road!  

For all the loyal clients past, present and future of your local marketing specialist, as we head into October:


 + Replace that air intake and furnace filters (extra bonus savings - you can reuse existing filters; just clean them carefully!) You get both cleaner air in the home and more efficient operation of the HVAC

 + Clean your duct work for even greater interior air and system efficiency!

 + Check all HVAC system components for proper functioning.  Many Heating and Cooling companies offer annual service that includes all of these check points and more for a nominal fee.  

 + Inspect all weather seals on doors and windows.  

+  Install caulk or weather stripping if any leaks are discovered.

 + Repair or replace window and door screens as needed before storing for the winter.

 + Install storms windows and doors.

Spring rains and early fall storms may have caused soil erosion.

 + Carefully walk the perimeter of the house and any outbuildings, watching for cracks or shifting of the foundations.

 + If necessary, replace any soil loss at the foundation, being sure to spread away from the building at an angle so water drains away from the foundation.

 + Check gutters and downspouts; clear away debris build-up. Check downspouts using your garden hose; clear any debris hindering the clear flow of water away from your roof line.

Clear silicone or specialized gutter sealant will be useful for any leaks you may encounter.  If you haven't already, now would be a great time to attach extenders to downspouts to direct water flow away from your foundation.  

 + While you're up on the ladder, give your soffits a good once over.  Reseat wind-loosened panels.

 + Check basement windows and/or vents.  Repair any damage or replace to prevent small animals from making their winter home in your home!

 + For a lush lawn next year, ferilize and reseed bare spots.  Use those lovely fall leaves as cover so birds don't make off with your new grass blades!

 + Trim and Prune those trees and shrubs, and cut back your perennials for optimum growth in next years garden. 

We're almost done!  What a satisfying afternoons work that will pay you back in dividends for years of enjoyment in your home!  A couple more spot checks and your home is ready to protect and shelter you all through the winter!

 + Insulation is a favorite for burrowing buddies to make away with to line their own nests for the winter!  Check yours to make sure it's intact and up to the task of keeping your tootsies warm all winter!  Are the water pipes covered with pipe insulation?  This is the best time to prevent burst pipes and unintended swimming pools in the basement!

 + Last on our list - if you have a chimney, this is the time to clean, before that first blaze of the season!  Don't forget to check your flue, too!

Now you and your home are ready to tackle whatever winter throws your way! Although this list isn't exhaustive, maintenance is necessary not only to keep up the appearance of your home, but to preserve value, build equity and enjoy the benefits and savings that come with efficient operation of all fixtures and appliances.


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