Montclair New Jersey Neighborhoods and Communities

Montclair, New Jersey is a township located in Essex County and is the home of approximately 37,600 residents. First formed in 1868, the township was officially incorporated in 1894. 

Montclair is a unique and thriving town with an abundance of amenities, art and cultural events and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Annual events, beautiful parks and a charming downtown core have many considering a move to Montclair. 

1. Church Street

Church Street Montclair New Jersey

Church Street is considered to be part of Montclair town center.  The neighborhood of Church Street has been named a “Great Place in New Jersey” by the American Planning Association-New Jersey Chapter.  Residents of Church Street describe the area of having a great vibe.    

The streets buzz with excitement as there is live music and other events.  Those strolling the streets enjoy the wide sidewalks and comfortable benches.   It is the perfect place to catch up on your window shopping. Church Street has an S curved route that pedestrians can follow and marvel at the wide range of architectural styles that decorate the streets.

Church street has become a popular destination for friends and family to gather in the local restaurants, many of which have outdoor seating and patios. Some of the popular restaurants are Raymonds, a popular bistro-style eatery, Terra at the Isabel Rose Cafe that serves a varities of fair trade and organic teas, organic foods and farm products and Amanti Vino, which serves delicious wine made by hands on winemakers.  

Quote from a local resident: “Church Street offers so many great dining and restaurant options. Whether going out for an intimate meal or enjoying a drink with friends, there is something special about sitting out on the patios and enjoying Montclair”. 

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2. Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow Montclair New Jersey

Frog Hollow rests between Bloomfield Avenue and Montclair High School. It includes Williams Street, Day Street and Talbot Street.  The neighborhood has been called a “charming historic nabe”.  

This history of the town has been preserved with a museum.  The area was predominantly African American families who settled in the 1800s.  These were the families that founded the community.  

One side of the street was marsh lands and planks were put down for people to walk on. Bullfrogs would holler and the original name was Frog Holler and eventually turned into Frog Hollow.  

Residents of this community describe Frog Hollow as a close knit community where they view each other as family.  It is not uncommon for parents to allow their children to play without worry as they know the other parents will be looking out for them.  

People began to take notice of Frog Hollow when inexpensive houses were being put on the market. Frog Hollows real estate market is more affordable than the average house in Montclair.  Some of the houses were considered an alternative to condo living.   

Quote from a local resident: “We love everything about Frog Hollow! Neighbors quickly became friends and our children feel safe knowing that they have a whole community looking out for them!” 

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3. Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair, Montclair New Jersey

Upper Montclair is considered a census designated place.  It is the largest neighborhood in Montclair with a population of 11,565.

A large amount of the district schools are located in Upper Montclair.  This area is served by the Montclair Public Schools. There are a handful of private schools that also serve this area. This neighborhood is also home to Montclair State University.

Upper Montclair is a convenient location to those that spend a fair deal amount of time traveling.  The area is well connected to the rest of New Jersey and New York.  The area is on a bus route and the New Jersey Transits Montclair - Boonton Line. 

The neighborhood is a popular location and has attracted national and local merchants to the area.  The shops have been described to have a tudor style, and there a number of outlet malls that will meet all your shopping needs. If you enjoy being close to all the action but still live a quiet life style be sure to find that perfect home for sale in Montclair NJ for you.  

Those who love the outdoors will take great delight over the many parks and nature reserves in Upper Montclair.  Anderson Park, Yantacaw Brook Park, the Bonsal Nature Reserve,  Mountainside Park, the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, Mills Reservation and Brookdale Park are all found within Upper Montclair.  This neighborhood is also home to one of the largest pools in Montclair at Mountainside Public Pool.

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4. PaNaMa

PaNaMa Montclair New Jersey

PaNaMa receives its name from the combination of the streets Patton, Nassau and Macopin Streets.  This neighborhood is in the northern part of Montclair.  This is a small neighborhood but is affordable and convenient to New York and Upper Montclair. 

The neighbors have built a strong network and a tight community.  There are many local gatherings which include Friday night Pizza Parties and neighborhood block parties.  This area is an ideal place to raise a family.  

This is mainly a residential area where the houses consist of bungalows and smaller Colonials. A 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom bungalow will be in the $400,000 range.   

Quote from a local resident: “We are so happy we chose PaNaMa as our neighborhood! Beyond the obvious convenience to New York, the strong, tight-knit atmosphere and local events are a highlight of the area”. 

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Yantacaw Montclair New Jersey

This neighborhood includes Windermere Road, Yantacaw Brook Road, Club Road, Heller Drive, Woodmont Road, and Capron Lane. 

In the neighborhood of Yantacaw, one will find a variety of mid-century ranches and split level homes.  The average price for a home in this neighborhood is $700,000.  Many of the houses were built in the 1950s.  There are a number of housing for rent in Yantacaw.

This area is desirable for families as the schools in the area are highly rated.  The schools in the area are: Northeast School, Bradford School and Mt Hebron Middle School.  Yantacaw Brook Park is also in the neighborhood.  The park is 11.5 acres of land.  There is a stream that runs through the park with a small bridge.  The park is a wonderful way to spend the day enjoying nature or taking a stroll on the yantacaw Brook park path.

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6. Marlboro Park

Malboro Park Montclair New Jersey

This neighborhood is an historic district of Montclair.  The area includes Christopher Court, Fairfield Street, Waterbury Road, the north ends of Montclair Avenue and Christopher Street, Watchung Avenue and Groves Street.

Marlboro Park Historic District developed between 1898-1925.  It provided affordable housing to those moving to the neighborhood.  The buildings in this neighborhood were built at the turn of the century. The neighbor has evolved since that time.  Many of the houses are over 1 million dollars. 

The appeal to this area was the proximity to the railroad line.  Marlboro Park is still popular due to its central location and close to Watchung Plaza and Shopping.  

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Regardless of where you chose to call home in Montclair, one will have easy access to all the great things the town has to offer. Quiet and safe streets with unique real estate options fill the town of Montclair and the strong community atmosphere is one of the many reasons residents have come to love the area.