Deck those halls – even if you’ve put your house up for sale this holiday season!

No need to hide those holiday touches, however, when the house is going to be for sale over the holiday season – from now through February to be exact – you do need to put some serious thought into what will work for the widest appeal to your potential buyers.

You also want to make sure your decorations don’t overshadow the beauty and special features of the house itself!

 One of the ways to achieve this is to choose a theme for your decorating that is universal, such as snowmen or snowflakes or stars or evergreen trees or something similarly festive.

Monochromatic decorating can be very dramatic and used to highlight house features as well. Having all of your decoration in shades of white or shades of blue; or if your home is already a very light colored neutral background, pops of red or purple would be very appealing to the eye.

The trick with holiday decorating when your house is for sale is to arrange the decorations carefully.  You don’t want to hide those things that you really want a potential buyer to notice because the decorations steal the show.  And you want to make sure the decorations aren’t so overwhelming that a potential buyer doesn’t really get a chance to see the house itself.

There are many different ways you can approach holiday decorating when the house is on the market.

Two very popular methods are:

·         Minimal theme decorating carried out through each room of the house. With this, a buyer has a sense of continuity as they walk through.  This can have the effect of making the house more memorable later.

·         A second school of thought is to keep your decorating to one room with all the other rooms left undecorated.

Most important of all is to make sure everything is clean, uncluttered and staged just like you would in any other season.

Whatever decorating style you decide on, your local marketing specialist can provide ideas along with a marketing plan to make your holiday sale a joyful one for both you and your buyer.

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