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Did you know that 74% of people never actually speak to the souls who live in the houses all around them?  What a shame, because the people living in the neighborhoods in Montclair are a great resource to those who are looking to move to a specific neighborhood or who have just moved to a neighborhood.

Enter - NextDoor!  The online community platform that connects you to the people actually living in the neighborhood.  Although your local marketing specialist can be a font of useful information, the hyper-local private social network known as NextDoor is unique.  

Through these verified residents of your neighborhood you can discover:

  • Who does a great job walking the dogs
  • Who is a great babysitter
  • Where to find the best shopping deals
  • Best time and place for the local Farmers Market

...and SO MUCH MORE!  Who does the house on the corner use for lawn care that keeps their yard so pristine?  Who offers great handyman service?

Unlike so many of the larger social sites, because NextDoor verifies residency you can be sure you're talking to real neighbors and not bots.  This offers a level of security that may be lacking on larger public social platforms.

Where better to find out about local events and activities?  Stay informed about neighborhood alerts or concerns? Best of all, neighbors invite other neighbors to join, so everyone has a voice on the platform.

NextDoor is a great way for neighbors to stay connected and up to date on neighborhood happenings, like which houses have gone up for sale or where the Open Houses are this week!

If you want to check on the listed or sold price of a property or discover the market value of properties in a specific neighborhood in northern New Jersey, visit