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Finding a realtor in Montclair, NJ, that is best suited to your needs, can be easily found with a little bit of research. There are a few things you should look for when choosing the realtor that’s right for you. 

How much experience do they have?

experienced montclair realtor

A realtor in Montclair NJ that has a lot of experience can be a huge benefit when you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the New Jersey area. A seasoned realtor has seen it all, and they can help you navigate all the processes with ease. From showings to negotiations, an experienced realtor can relieve all of your concerns. 

An established realtor in Montclair will also have access to great resources, such as other professionals in the area that can help sell your home faster or help you find your dream home. They will have a network they can leverage to help their clients and provide value. 

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How familiar are they with the area?

montclair realtor knows the area

Montclair, NJ, is just west of New York City, and it’s a popular little town. It is home to many young professionals, performers, artists, and aspiring entertainers. Located on the Watchung Mountain Range, there are some fantastic views of Manhattan, plenty of green space and parks, and has a rich culture. 

A realtor that knows and is familiar with the area you’re looking to purchase in is a huge asset. They can match your lifestyle to specific neighborhoods within Montclair. They can suggest the best schools, restaurants, and recreational activities based on their own experience and their clients' feedback. 

What are their reviews like?

montclair realtor reviews

While doing your research, reviews are an excellent place to start. If they have social media, taking a look at how they interact with people online can be telling. 

Checking out their google reviews, Facebook reviews, and online forums will give you insight into how they deal with their clients. How they respond to less favorable reviews may also be a deciding factor for you as well. 

Do their reviews reflect that their previous clients felt heard, respected, and given the attention they thought they required? If there are negative experiences that seem to be recurring, consider that as a red flag. If you have a friend or family member who has recently bought or sold a home in Montclair, and they had a positive experience, consider hiring them! Word of mouth is a powerful tool. 

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Check out their current listings

Once your research has helped you land on a few different realtors in Montclair that you may be interested in, check out their currently listed homes. If you find a few homes for sale in Montclair NJ, be sure to keep an eye out for open houses.

Please pay close attention to their advertisement styles, how they perform, how long their listings have been on the market, and this information can paint a picture for you. This information gives insight into how long their homes stay on the market, how effective their marketing strategies are, and more. Now, there will always be exceptions, so keep that in mind. If they have a handful of listings that have been on the market for a while, while all their other ones are selling quickly, that could be a one-off. 

Attending an open house that is held by your potential realtors can be an easy way to see for yourself how they interact with interested buyers. It also shows how they go about presenting the house they’re trying to sell to their target audience. 

If they are friendly, courteous, welcoming, and make their guests feel at ease, that’s a great sign. If they are knowledgeable about the property and they have done their research, it’s another good sign. If they show they have put in the effort and do everything they can for their clients, that’s a win. 

What technology do they use?

technology realtor montclair nj

If a realtor in Montclair doesn't have a substantial online presence, they are leaving a large part of their market untapped. 

Many people start searching for their dream home online. They can usually tell just by the photos whether they’re going to bother looking at the house or are interested in viewing it. The pictures in the ad are an essential first impression. 

Any realtor in Montclair you’re considering hiring should have advertisements, be tech-savvy, utilize social media for both themselves and their new listings. Someone who is seasoned yet adapts to the ever-changing technology landscape is a realtor you want to have in your corner. 

If your potential realtor is connected, they can provide an excellent response time to your concerns or questions. If they’re available by text and email when you need them, that’s a valuable part of your relationship that could come in handy during the process. 

Due to our busy lives, it can be challenging to organize schedules among sellers, buyers, and both realtors. Having open and quick communication can save you a lot of headaches. 

Ask to meet for coffee

meet with a montclair nj realtor

If you’re ready to commit to a particular realtor in Montclair, or you have it narrowed down to two or three, and you want to make that final decision, ask them to meet in person. 

Since you’ve done a lot of research up until this point, bring any questions you may have, and take some notes. If they seem uninterested, annoyed, or like they would rather be anywhere else, then you have your answer. If they are attentive and want to impress you, that is a great sign. 

Are they forthcoming with reviews, their other client feedback? Can they answer all your questions the way you want them to? An agent that wants your business will make that very evident from the very beginning. 

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