Dark green interior design background with bright yellow modern armchair and cofee table with decoration on a molding classic wall, 3d render

The daffodils have made their appearance and Spring season is officially begun! Although spring is typically the housing market's busiest season, this year, specifically due to the coronavirus, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders, the typical real estate cycle is being disrupted.

Most real estate industry leaders agree that once an all-clear is given,  people will head back into the marketplace in strong numbers.

In the meantime, if you were one of those waiting for the spring season to make your move to a new home, but had to put your plans on a temporary hold, you can still take steps to prepare to move forward once things return to normal.

Appreciating that you are so ready to move into that new home you were looking forward to … nothing is stopping you from getting into that new home attitude right now in the abode in which you are currently dwelling!

Here are a few creative ways from your local marketing specialist to help put yourself in the frame of mind for your BIG MOVE:

  • Take a fresh look at your kitchen arrangement.  Beyond putting things where the existing shelves and cupboards dictate, think about how you operate in your kitchen.  Now, rearrange with cheerful abandon to suit your own style!  Are baking dishes your go-to? Move them closest to the prep area or oven for easy access. 

Certain utensils that see daily use can become decoration on the counter next to the stove, and other instruments that don’t see a lot of use should be relegated to the tops shelves or to the back of the cupboards. 

  • Experimenting with the placement of furniture will arm you with great arrangement ideas so couches aren’t dragged here and there and everywhere when moving into the new space.  And don’t just stop at rearranging existing pieces! 

Repurpose pieces from other rooms and  even mix and match varying styles. Go ahead and experiment! You might just hit on a whole new style that better fits your lifestyle, and one of those experimental arrangements could lead to a whole new look and feel when you finally move each piece into your new home!

Be sure to take pictures, so when moving day finally arrives, you can recreate your best fresh new style in your new home quickly and easily! 

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