Seeing The Possibilities

In a previous post  we shared just how huge a difference one tiny little percentage point can make in the cost of your home purchase.  Combine low mortgage rates (as of this week, those rates are 2.08% for a 15 year fixed and 3.31% for a standard 30 year fixed loan) with affordable housing costs and you have a recipe for several really wonderful things to occur:

  1. MORE starter homes come on the market, since the move-up crowd are more confident about buying the larger home they need and want. This makes the joy of home ownership available and affordable to a larger group of people.
  2. MORE people being able to afford to purchase a home is a wonderful boon for every community where home ownership defines the majority! Homeownership positively impacts the overall economic health of a community in almost every area from city parks and amenities to schools and emergency services. 
  3. MORE disposable income each month thanks to lower monthly payments - stimulates the economy, increases your savings, and opens up greater opportunities!

One downside, though this local marketing specialist certainly does not plan to dwell on negatives, is simply the impact on inventory levels. With so many great reasons to purchase, homes coming on the market are getting snatched up quicker than new listings are ready to go up for sale!  (Thinking of selling?  Let me help you make that happen!)

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