Various colourful donuts in a rowAlthough Autumn is not traditionally the time when one breaks out the DIY tools and digs into a project, this may be the year to break that trend!

Need a change from the scenery indoors, but a major remodel just isn’t in the plans?  Do what more than 36% of people choose as the highest return on investment - PAINT!

Paint is an amazing upgrade that can change the entire atmosphere of your home, is one of the most cost effective changes to make and can actually be a fun thing to do!

Not to mention, if you are thinking of putting your house up for sale (which your local marketing specialist can certainly assist you in doing!), a fresh coat of paint is proven to capture attention and often means a higher selling price.  Nothing says new and ready for a new owner like a fresh blank canvas to inspire potential buyers.

If you are going to sell, choose an updated but neutral palette.  That doesn’t mean boring, all beige, white or battleship gray, either.  Some of the newest color sensations are toned down hues of sparkling jewel tone colors, like amethyst, sapphire, ruby or emerald.  That would translate to the merest shade of lavender with a gray undertone, a barely there blue, a slight raspberry or ethereal emerald.

Look closely at the trim, flooring and hardware on cabinets.  What section of the color wheel would compliment those background features?  

Panting to please yourself?  The possibilities are endless!  Set a mood, create energy and use paint colors to brighten even the darkest corner of your home.

This autumn, head into the end-of-year season of holiday cheer with a fresh attitude, fresh outlook and a fresh new coat of paint. 


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