It's true, northern New Jersey gets cold in the winter and HOT in the summer!  It takes a considerable amount of energy all year long to keep your house comfortable.  Reducing energy usage is good for the environment, good for increasing a homes value and good for your finances, too!

Thinking green has benefits short term and long term, so maybe you'd like to GO GREEN with one or more of these eco-friendly, energy efficient upgrades for your home.

INSIDE THE HOUSE: Eco-friendly starts literally with bringing the green into your home.  Indoor air quality is instantly clearer when greenery that removes allergens and pollutants from the air are part of your decor. Studies show that indoor plants do even more; improving mood, reducing stress and boosting emotional well-being.  Who knew that ficus could actually be your best green friend?

BRIGHTEN EFFICIENTLY: The cost of bringing light into your home can add up substantially over the course of a year.  Simply changing light bulbs to LED can really cut back on that cost by as much as 70% or more!

Changing window dressings to sheers that allow the sun to flood through is the single most cost effective, eco-friendly lighting available. Increase natural lighting and encourage growth of your air cleaning greenery with skylights.  Speaking of window dressing, closing off windows flooded with heat causing sunlight during the hottest portions of summer days decreases the energy it will take to cool the house!

SOLAR POWER: Add a little or add a lot; solar panels provide energy that can reduce or even free you from relying on nonrenewable energy sources.  Solar can provide enough energy to power HVAC systems, home appliances and lighting.  

Best of all, any or all of these energy efficient changes may also pay you back with tax credits and possibly add to the value of your home on top of the monthly utility bill savings.  Your local marketing specialist can help you determine the current market value and how the green efficiency additions may change that value.

Looking for an energy efficient home?  Take a look at all the choices in Essex County NJ communities to consider!