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Feb. 18, 2020

The slang of the sale in Northern New Jersey Real Estate

Mindset and success - the idea that Mindset helps to achieve success and happiness in business, work and life symbolized by English word Mindset and a newton cradle, 3d illustration

In this technological age of instant photos and live video on every imaginable screen, are words simply being replaced by visuals in the real estate industry?

Yes! …and NO! Especially regarding a real estate listing description, the importance of excellent photos and wonderful videos should not be downplayed.  However, the words that get used in the initial descriptions of your homes marketing plan remain what will attract most of the desired attention. 

Those words are that vital first impression of the home offered for sale.The basics of highlighting special or unusual features are a case in point.  A picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, but a well written description points out features that may be overlooked in a photograph, as well as making that first impression.  Those follow up photos and video convey the missing element words alone may not be able to invoke, an emotional  connection that will inspire the potential buyer to make that offer to purchase! 

The varying selling price points will almost certainly dictate the types of descriptions to expect.  Lower priced homes, most commonly considered starter houses, may emphasize elements to attract that first time buyer.  Situations that offer some assurance they won’t be facing sudden high priced maintenance or repairs immediately after moving in, like condition of the roof and foundation, newer fixtures like furnace and AC units.

Mid-priced homes might focus more on move-in ready, design elements such as updating done, vaulted ceilings and upgraded appliances. In the upper price point you might find the highlighted features being along the lines of specialized outdoor spaces, high-end finishes and specialty rooms like wine cellars or gourmet kitchens.

Each of the commuter friendly neighborhoods in northern New Jersey has something to appeal to those looking in all three of the price points. 

Whatever price point you may be seeking to sell a home, your local marketing specialist can show you the marketing plan to make your sale attract exactly the right buyer quickly, beginning with the written words to draw attention to the technology that will inspire your buyer to step right up with their best offer to purchase!

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Feb. 7, 2020


Dog waiting for walk

Every neighborhood has advantages and disadvantages, all depending on your personal needs, wants and desires.

No car?  Local transportation will factor heavily in the decision made of where to live.  In fact, your lifestyle decisions most likely have a greater impact on where you choose to live than the home styles in a given area.  You may prefer a two story home, but are willing to settle happily for a single story in favor of other, more prominent benefits.

Walkability is one of those lifestyle ideals that has its roots in inner city, urban areas and has gradually become very popular.  The benefits and advantages of walking on physical and mental health have been proven in study after study, leading to impacting more decision of home purchases even in suburban and rural areas.

Although choosing a home to buy certainly means considering important details like whether the roof is in good condition, more and more people are also deciding if the neighborhood amenties are checking enough boxes on the wishlist.

One box gaining weighty priority is the ability to leave the car in the driveway and WALK to places like the vet, the favorite eatery and shopping or recreation facilities.  While many of us have always been willing to sacrifice certain features in favor of others, such as a smaller yard but gaining a desired school district, the walkability points of neighborhoods have moved much higher on our home search radars.

Northern New Jersey already offers some of the best commuter circumstances, but now, you can factor in the health benefits of walking when possible to your purchasing decision.  Many sites offer "walkability" numbers for neighborhoods, to help you choose based on your priorities.

In fact, according to one recent analysis, home buyers are willing to pay nearly 25% more for a home that is within walking distance of things like shopping, entertainment and recreation.  Check with your local marketing specialist for the neighborhoods offering the amenities and walkability scores that are most important to you in your next home purchase.

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Feb. 7, 2020


Looking into a rearview mirror at a landscape image of a deserted, divided highway heading towards the Northern California foothills near Petrolia.

It was almost unheard of in the 80's and 90's, the idea that anyone would purchase a new home WITHOUT EVEN WALKING THROUGH IT FIRST!  

My how things have changed in the real estate industry!  New technology that goes far beyond simply allowing advanced viewing of still pictures online.  Remember those old "virtual tours" that left you feeling slightly sea sick?  Not anymore! Technology advances have made the virtual tour not just the norm, but a useful and pleasant experience for house hunters.  

Whether you are relocating from out of area or simply trying to save time and get a jump on the competition from too far a distance fo a quick drive.  Via technology, you can virtually "see" those most desirable homes that come on the market - AND SELL - faster than you can say "Full Price Offer".  The advantages afforded by technology don't replace, but work hand in hand with a personal real estate representative, offering you, the consumer, the best possible outcome in today's marketplace.

Advances in graphics mean those details once only clearly seen by the human eye and a personal visit  are now completely visible through online viewing capabilities.  Intricate details, like colors, are vivid and true.  This handily translates to financial savings for a significant portion of the relocation ,real estate buying public.  

Back in the day an employment transfer entailed high costs that included travel expenses, not only back and forth from current home to future home, but also hotels, meals and other necessities as well as time constraints that often led to rushed and unhappy outcomes.

With technology advances through the internet and specialized apps available, you can scout out your new home choices from the comfort of your current home.  How convenient to include your whole family in on the decision making process and actually feel comfortable putting a bid on your next home right away!  

When you find yourself in a position to make a move across town or across the states, your local marketing specialist has the technology in place to make that move simpler, faster and less expensive! There is plenty of information concerning neighborhoods, your desired amenities, schools and commute times to your new job.

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Jan. 30, 2020

Should You Use Zillow to Buy or Sell a Home in Montclair NJ

buy or sell zillow montclair nj

If someone told you that you could buy or sell a home in Montclair, NJ, all online, would you believe them? Would you think that might be too good to be true? In recent years, online tech-based brokerages have begun to emerge in the real estate market. As all our daily tasks move towards technology, there is still real value in the traditional real estate system. If you are in the market for a new Montclair home, or you are looking to sell and change up your space, you should avoid using online brokerages like Zillow. Here’s why you should stick with tradition and hire a realtor for your Montclair, NJ home. 

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Jan. 29, 2020

Equity UP; Rates Down - The Northern New Jersey Real Estate Market


Many buyers and sellers are finding themselves a little confused with the current real estate market.  Is it a buyers market or a sellers market? 

All the usual markers for both exist right now:

  • Low Inventory and increased sale prices are usually markets of a sellers market


  • Plenty of choices and low interest rates increasing affordability are markers of a buyers market

So a buyers market or a sellers market is actually dependent on what price point you are seeking to buy or sell in at this time.


Confusing?  It can be, but it doesn't have to be!  Your local marketing specialist will help sort through the many facets of todays marketplace to get to the place you want to call home!


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Jan. 25, 2020

Choosing Your Agent in Essex County

You always have a choice

How often do any of us actually give any thought to the real estate business?  None, unless we are active in the industry, working in an industry revolving around real estate or we find ourselves in need of a local marketing specialist!

It could be that something has caught your attention concerning the wisdom of investing in real estate as an excellent income producing or retirement venture.  


When your thoughts do turn to real estate, do you know what to look for or what skill set will best benefit you in your need?  Once you start looking it becomes evident that there are a great many choices!


How do you sort it all out?  How do you choose the best for you given the seemingly endless variety offered?

  1. Click on the first Google listing?
  2. Hire Aunt Sue or Uncle Joe?
  3. Go with whoever your neighbor used?

One thing needs to be clarified; all real estate agents are not the same! All have equal access to existing houses on the market, but the fact is, the agent you choose will absolutely influence the experience you have.  And there are different levels of education and training for realtors. 

Can Aunt Sue or Uncle Joe do a fine job? Or, will just going with the first agent that comes up in a general search might work out for you? Maybe...


Unless there are complications in your transaction requiring expert negotiating tactics. Or special circumstances that need experienced handling. Or attention to the details isn’t a strong trait of the agent you’ve signed with and those missed details cost you thousands of dollars or hundreds, or even wasted hours, undo emotional stress or the worse scenario - you lose out on the house you fell in love with.


For your best Essex County real estate transaction, you deserve an agent using the latest technology while offering the experience and integrity to ensure you don’t miss out on miss your opportunity of a lifetime.


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Jan. 15, 2020

How to Find the Best Montclair NJ Realtor

find a montclair nj realtor

Finding a realtor in Montclair, NJ, that is best suited to your needs, can be easily found with a little bit of research. There are a few things you should look for when choosing the realtor that’s right for you. 

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Jan. 13, 2020

What's New in northern New Jersey Real Estate?

Newark, New Jersey Skyline


New Year, new opportunities and what's new in New Jersey; in particular, what's new in Essex County real estate that buyers and sellers need to know?

INVENTORY!  If you've kept up with any real estate news throughout 2019, the recurring theme, 'oft lamented, has been the insufficient inventory to meet the demand from potential new home owners.

I'd love to tell you those thin days are over, but that just wouldn't be true.

The economy is strong, growing stronger and there aren't any signs that that will change anytime in the near future unless something unexpected occurs suddenly.  

Mortgage interest rates are not only remaining lower than they've been in years, there's hints they may move lower!  That alone inspires a "now's the time to buy!" attitude, driving greater numbers of hopeful home owners rushing to see every new home that comes on the market!

That same buyer demand is having great affect on the current home owners, who are reaping the benefits of equity gains.  However, it isn't necessarily inspiring them to put the house on the market and cash in on those gains.  

In fact, statistics show more people are remaining in their homes for longer periods than ever before. Historically, people moved about every 5-7 years on average.  One recent analysis found that the average length of homeownership has reached 13 years, which is 5-8 years longer than it was in 2010.

One speculated reason for this is that buyers who locked in those wonderfully low mortgage rates are reluctant to chance higher rates if they sell.  Another reason brought forth is that as families grow smaller, many having fewer than  the average of 5 children a few decades ago, the need to move in order to accommodate more people has disappeared!

People move for a variety of reasons beyond family size, though, including employment changes, health reasons and purely economic considerations. 

Some just get fed up with an overly long commute and crowded trains into the City!  Essex County remains one of New Jersey's favorite choices for that very reason.  Faster, easier commuting.  Your local marketing specialist has all the 411 you need about the housing possibilities available, if this is your buying or selling concern.


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Jan. 13, 2020

What Home Decor Says About You


Stylish interior of modern living room with light wall

Unless you hired a decorator and didn't supervise them, or you are living in an already furnished apartment, most likely you chose the furniture in your home.  You've chosen the color scheme, the layout, the wall art.  


What you've chosen and even HOW you've chosen to put it all together says a lot about who you are and how you relate to the world around you.


Bucking all the decorating trends and staunchly "doing your own thing"?  It's a safe bet you also show a little to a lot of rebellion in other areas of your life too!  You probably aren't a "go along to get along" kind of person.  You also are more likely to initiate conversation topics that make others a bit uncomfortable, just to see what response you receive.


Bright colors and bold patterns that make a splash are usually favored by open, friendly personality types that are prone to starting conversations with perfect strangers who quickly become new friends. Possibly voted "Most Popular" in the high school yearbook, you embrace new situations quicker than most and welcome lots of divergent opinions and ideas for discussion.


Somber, quiet neutrals indicate deep thinkers, who like to look at all sides before forming their own opinion and are fairly open to new ideas; when those ideas are introduced in a slow, steady manner!  Your are more likely to hear Beethoven rather than the Beatles coming from the sound system.  The seating arrangements will fall more in traditional, formal lines, too.


Seldom do open, friendly souls choose stiff, uncomfortable furnishings for their home.  Formal, however, does not always translate to unfriendly!  Each personality type will display a variety of style choices, from the no-fuss minimalist to the goal setting trend follower.


Where you live makes a much larger statement about your values, lifestyle choices and hopes for the future!  Single, but seeking a family friendly neighborhood?  Empty nesting and ready to make new friendships?  Embarking on the new career path and seeking the best commute circumstance?  Whatever type of home and the area you are most interested in exploring, your local marketing specialist can offer a variety of homes to consider.


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Jan. 3, 2020

Why Isn't My New Jersey House Selling?

There is only one reason that a house does not sell - if there are active buyers in the marketplace - and that is the price. 


If your house is a maintenance nightmare … but you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is a pristine palace … and you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is clean … and you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is messy, cluttered or dark … but you price it right it will sell.


So the question that really needs to be asked is not, why isn’t my house selling? The right question is - at what price will my house sell within a reasonable time frame based on today’s real estate market conditions?


There is a price point for every property, no matter the shape the property is in or the location of the property.  Once you have the price valuation correct based on market conditions, property condition and buyer activity, there are only two other areas of concern you may need to address.


    • Does the description do the property justice?
    • Do the pictures inspire scheduling a personal walk through?
    • Is the marketing plan strategic?

No matter what the condition, location or price, few people will take a look at the property if they aren’t even aware it’s for sale, the description is dismal or the photographs are uninspiring, dull, blurry or unattractive.



    • Are you staying in the house for every showing? Being present at each showing makes a buyer uneasy; they don’t feel free to really explore the home, so there is no way they can get a feel if it fits them!
    • Have you designated certain rooms or areas as “off limits”?  A buyer will not even consider purchasing what they haven’t been able to see for themselves.  Locking up certain rooms or areas from view and the tour itself almost guarantee’s a lack of offers to buy.
    • Are there animals loose or caged or blocking access in the home?  They are your fur-baby, and who doesn’t LOVE a fur-baby?  Well, a potential buyer may not love your fur-baby.  They may be fearful, allergic or simply annoyed that they can’t examine the garage due to the presence of an animal.


There are ways around every situation you may encounter when considering putting your property up for sale.  Your local marketing specialist can help you ascertain and overcome each one to help you sell your property at the best possible price and for the best possible terms. 


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