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July 21, 2020

The Features to Feature in Your Essex County NJ Home Sale

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The types and styles of homes desired by buyers have always undergone shifts from year to year, as social norms have shifted.  There have been a great many changes over the last 20 years, evidenced in the style and size of new homes being built.

Upgrade and remodel projects reflect many of those shifting needs and wants as well.  One of the more prominent shifts is one the coronavirus has revealed.  Working from home has gone from a trendy and even desirable but not very practical business model to a necessity, making the home office currently the single most sought after feature by those surveyed who are seeking to purchase a home this year. Your local marketing specialist has experience in this area and can offer suggestions for practical solutions to work-from-home concerns.

Determining what will be the most sought after features from year to year. takes more than guesswork. Fortunately, the National Association of Home Builders conducts a nationwide survey each year to drill down on what builders say are the most popular home features. For example, at one time the single most important feature desired was the walk-in closet for the master bedroom. 

As a homeowner, why should you pay attention to the trends of buyer want lists?  If you are like most, when the time to sell arrives, you'll want to know what features will attract the buyer and get you the best selling price!  If you are planning any home improvement projects, keep these items in mind:

  • Storage areas are always big with buyers. Closets big enough and organized enough to handle more than hanging rods are one feature buyers appreciate when considering a home to purchase.
  • Low-energy windows along with energy efficient lighting, appliances and fixtures rank high on the list.
  • A laundry room that does double duty is a definite hit with potential buyers! Where possible, add a hanging rod and counter for folding.  It will wow when buyers are doing a tour.
  • Central kitchen islands that do double duty also remain very popular, but stay away from laminate countertops! Open shelving in the kitchen remains a matter of personal taste.  

A watchful eye on what new home builders are unveiling is the single most informative method of choosing what upgrades or remodels a home owner may want to undertake.  If they want to sell homes, they have to be finely tuned in to what potential buyers want!  After all, if they're building homes that don't have the features and amenities that buyers desire, they're going to have a hard time selling houses.

Take a look at what is available, what's selling and what the most popular home features on the market now are by visiting:

July 21, 2020

New Construction Home Sales are GOOD for northern NJ Real Estate

Existing home sales, usually the bulk of real estate sales statistics, have been suffering from a long stretch of low inventory woes.  Thanks to builders stepping up this past spring and summer, new built home sales are proving to be an excellent indicator of regained real estate market health.  


In fact, and in spite of restrictions placed on home showings, new data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development released equally good news concerning the state of the New Jersey market's recovery. According to these results, sales of newly built single-family homes rose 16.6% and are now 12.7% higher than they were last year at the same time.


The strength new home sales lent to this rebound was an unexpected but welcome boost to the New Jersey real estate market.  In spite of a slow start to the spring market, home buyers - momentarily sidelined by coronavirus concerns, are energetically active and fueling a surge in home sales as we move into the fall season. 


Wondering if you should consider a move?  Consider these market conditions:


  • Mortgage interest rates at or below 3% means a LOT of buying power in every dollar!
  • Work from home solutions in most industries means buyers are qualifying for loans!
  • The move-up luxury market in New Jersey has higher inventory levels providing greater choice!
  • The need for those homes usually considered "starter homes" is growing!

Continuing strong buyer activity in the market has sparked excellent equity gains for current home owners. Your local marketing specialist is actively monitoring the marketplace to be sure to provide you with the very latest updates and data necessary to assist in determining how these market conditions have changed the value of your home.

Wondering what you can expect to find available?  Take a look at all the current homes available for sale by visiting:



July 21, 2020

A New Real Estate Attitude in northern New Jersey


Various colourful donuts in a rowAlthough Autumn is not traditionally the time when one breaks out the DIY tools and digs into a project, this may be the year to break that trend!

Need a change from the scenery indoors, but a major remodel just isn’t in the plans?  Do what more than 36% of people choose as the highest return on investment - PAINT!

Paint is an amazing upgrade that can change the entire atmosphere of your home, is one of the most cost effective changes to make and can actually be a fun thing to do!

Not to mention, if you are thinking of putting your house up for sale (which your local marketing specialist can certainly assist you in doing!), a fresh coat of paint is proven to capture attention and often means a higher selling price.  Nothing says new and ready for a new owner like a fresh blank canvas to inspire potential buyers.

If you are going to sell, choose an updated but neutral palette.  That doesn’t mean boring, all beige, white or battleship gray, either.  Some of the newest color sensations are toned down hues of sparkling jewel tone colors, like amethyst, sapphire, ruby or emerald.  That would translate to the merest shade of lavender with a gray undertone, a barely there blue, a slight raspberry or ethereal emerald.

Look closely at the trim, flooring and hardware on cabinets.  What section of the color wheel would compliment those background features?  

Panting to please yourself?  The possibilities are endless!  Set a mood, create energy and use paint colors to brighten even the darkest corner of your home.

This autumn, head into the end-of-year season of holiday cheer with a fresh attitude, fresh outlook and a fresh new coat of paint. 


Visit to view all available New Jersey homes for sale and get inspired!




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June 19, 2020


Close up of the hands of a woman shelling peas from the pod inside a glass bowl outdoors with sunlight

Despite there seeming to be a plethora reasons to stay inside, keep paying rent, and put off buying a home for next year perhaps, the fact is, people - quite a lot of people actually - are actively seeking to purchase their own home in Montclair NJ, RIGHT NOW!

How should current homeowners in Essex County, Montclair, Glen Ridge and Verona, who were thinking of selling a property respond?

RIGHT NOW IS AN EXCELLENT TIME TO LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE OF COURSE!   Just Listed Sold Real Estate Home for Sale Sign 3d Illustration


We'll take all necessary precautions, and we'll utilize every marketing tool available for a successful sale!  Can you trust the idea that buyers are active and plentiful?  ABSOLUTELY! and here's why:

  1. Affordability is a very big issue to buyers.  With incredible low interest rates available, affordability has expanded to a great many more buyers, inspiring the jump from renter to owner 
  2. People have been making major changes to not only their home lives, but their business lives, and realizing they need either MORE SPACE or DIFFERENT STYLE OF SPACE to move forward with the changes being experienced
  3. Those changes and recent events have meant financial changes for people, and not all have been negative.  Some have found their savings swelling, as they've spent far less than usual on commuting costs, recreation and other expenses.  Those savings are inspiring more than a few to step into the home ownership field sooner than they had anticipated it being available to them to do so

Events have created new opportunities for buyer and seller alike, making this a unique time for both to take advantage and advance their personal financial and home owning goals under very beneficial circumstances.

If you're just looking at homes for sale in Montclair NJ, and are apprehensive about buying or don't know where to start. I'd be more than happy to guide you through the home buying journey.

To explore available listings or to get a general idea of the value of your home in this marketplace, please visit: for information, guidelines, ideas and more! 

June 19, 2020

Real Estate Equity in Northern New Jersey

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Growing up in northern New Jersey, most of us were taught by our parents and grandparents that owning a home was a smart financial move to make. We've heard the term "equity", but other than a vague idea, we may not completely understand how equity through home ownership truly does impact our financial security now and in our future.

Especially right now, with all eyes on the economic situation, as New Jersey opens up and we consider how real estate drives our recovery process.  Whether you choose urban life or a suburban lifestyle, owning property can be and is an excellent foundation for financial stability.  

Put in the clearest terms, equity is the difference between current value of a property and any amount owed to others, such as a mortgage, line of credit balance or other lien.  There are several very significant benefits to building equity, not the least of which is the actual cash value of your home.

Home owners tend to enjoy lower interest rates on other types of loans such as auto loans, credit cards and personal loans. According to the research, homeowners are also more likely to enjoy better health, too!  That's an added bonus that easily translates financially to lower insurance rates and less medical expenses. 

Building equity in a property does involve more than just paying down the mortgage, though.  

  • Maintenance plays a major role in market value which directly speaks to equity value
  • Upgrades according to current trends and buyer desires enhance value
  • Curb appeal which includes landscaping adds or subtracts to the bottom line 

Interested in the current market value of your property?  Visit the Market Report page for general information.  To search all new and available homes for sale visit the Advanced Property Search.

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June 19, 2020

Real Estate Recovery in Northern New Jersey

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If you are one of the thousands with plans to buy or sell a property in 2020, (and if are were, I'd love to assist you with that!) you might find yourself wondering just how quickly will we see the real estate marketplace recovery from the previous three months?

A great deal of the time frame will depend entirely on the emotional recovery buyers and sellers experience from the after-effects of shut downs.  The speed and efficiency with which businesses have safely reopened and began resuming normal business practices, hours and sale levels will also come into play in determining the trend moving forward.

Another large influencing factor is that the real estate market in our northern NJ area has been experiencing low inventory for over a year, which directly affects sales volumes.  This certainly will be part of the length of time it will take to build back up to year-over-year levels. The strength of our ongoing real estate activity, along with the new home building market makes it likely that recovery time will be short.

Other trending influences include historic low mortgage interest rates.  Although it is likely that many current owners may look more favorably on refinancing rather than selling and moving up, the strength of our buyer pool could change many minds with the summer season opening. We hope this will prove to be the case; otherwise, we will continue to see restricted inventory levels.  That will surely have an impact on the rental market!

All of these conditions taken collectively will definitely effect sale prices for the remainder of this year. If the buyer market remains strong, most sellers should see nice equity gains when they sell. However, if we do see continued lack of inventory that discourages enough buyers from venturing into the market recovery may still occur, as long as small business resumes activity, consumer spending returns to pre-virus levels and the building market ramps up production to assist with increasing housing inventories to entice buyers.  

You may be interested to discover how the value of your home is impacted, or explore the homes available for sale?  Please visit

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June 4, 2020

Housing Drives Community Wealth for New Jersey

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The constant engine of growth in the communities across Essex County New Jersey is the real estate industry.  Many may not be aware of how the major influences of residential housing and commercial real estate drive the economic strategy of our communities. They may not realize what a vital part real estate sales of housing and leasing of commercial property plays in the strength of the financial foundations of our towns and cities, rural and urban.

From mid-March, since the lockdown concerning the coronavirus pandemic began, until now as we move into the summer season, most experts agreed the housing market would tumble along with the stock market.  In fact, it is the housing market that is providing the stable ground from which we can see a way to rebuild. Your local marketing specialist is watching the data, and noticed we've seen gains of 8.7% here in the northeast corner of the country!  This is unexpectedly strong housing data that should please us all, as it indicates hope for a strong rebound across our Essex County communities.

Measuring housing-market affordability is one of the many comparisons we make to peer into where the market is likely heading.  To put it more succinctly, where the housing market is leading our economy can usually be predicted by affordability, which inspires purchases.  While home prices may be down from where they were in a previous month, but up compared to the same time period the previous year, those trends affect current buying and selling habits.

Like any market, real estate is balanced by supply and demand which determines whether a seller or buyer market exists.  This is an unusual market, in that inventory remains far below the standard 6 month supply preferred, prices remain stable or ticking up slightly month over month, buyer demand is very high and historically low mortgage interest rates are positively affecting affordability.  What does all this mean?

These conditions are a reflection of how many buyers and sellers there are, rather than the strength or weakness of the overall economy. Sellers in this market are realizing favorable equity gains at time of sale.  Buyers who win out over the competition are enjoying lower monthly payments thanks to the interest rates.


Discover how much your home sale could net you, or search the homes available for sale:




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May 27, 2020

14 Reasons to Snap that picture in northern NJ Real Estate



1. Arrest Attention

2. Evoke Emotions

3. Ignite Imagination

4. Influence and Persuade

5. Excite Possibility Thinking

6. Impact Decisions

7. Beget Browsing

8. Build Anticipation

9. Initiate Interest

10. Enhance Appeal

11. Reveal Reasons

12. Inspire Action

13. Vibrant Visuals Draw


14. Entice Engagement


A good picture will make you think; a great visual will provoke positive thoughts! When you are selling a home, you want those online lookers to positively think about moving into your house! Your local marketing specialist engages your potential buyer using professional photographs that tell the story of your house for sale.  

Discover for yourself, all the dazzling delights of delicious pictures to sell your house:

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May 27, 2020

Comforting Sale for Essex County NJ homes

White living room with white sofa and poster

My home in Essex County NJ is my comfort zone.  This is the place we kick off our shoes, let down our hair and often change right into comfy jammies for hanging out!

So why should it be any different when we are selling a house?  

Let's cut right to the bottom line:

The more appealing a house is to a potential buyer, the better price they will be willing to offer!

Sloppy and lived in is a very comfortable place to be - in your own space.  And without fully realizing it, if your house is sloppy comfortable, potential buyers will sense it as being YOUR HOUSE.  Not a house they can make their own!

This is where staging plays a major role in getting a house sold, quick as possible, for as much as possible!

We all know we live in the "comfy sloppy" zone, but we want to think we live in that "magazine picture" zone.  Create that for your potential buyer with a few simple changes.


  • Pack up all those personal pictures, momento's and all but the most plain vanilla wall art
  • Stash away, hide away or organize to the nth degree all of your kitchen paraphenalia - the clearer the counters, the bigger they look!
  • Remove all but the essentials from every closet, shelf and cabinet throughout the house - INSTANT STORAGE SPACE TO IMPRESS THE BUYER!
  • Less is more when it comes to the furniture; it's all about placement instead.  The perfect arrangement and VOILA' - every room looks as big as it possibly can!


  • Minimal staging will add life and warmth to those empty rooms
  • Staging to create purpose for a room; that bonus room should spark imagination
  • Staging to create atmosphere; candles and a set table speak ROMANCE to the dining area

Add inexpensive sheers if you've taken window dressings with you.  They'll add warmth but let all the light shine in! (Don't forget to wash the grime from those windows! That will make a lasting impression!)

Even when a room is essentially empty, fresh cut flowers make a bold statement of elegance - just be sure they get changed out when they begin wilting! Prettily arranged silk flowers in stunning vases will have the same effect if real flowers aren't an option.

Marketing techniques to help sell your home fast and for top dollar is one of the fine services your local marketing specialist offers.  Find out more, or explore all available homes for sale by visting: 

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May 27, 2020

Top 3 Reasonable Things TO DO to sell your home in Montclair or Glen Ridge

Closeup image of three people enjoyed drinking and clinking coffee cups in cafe

It's perfectly normal and natural to experience several different stages of emotion as you come to the decision to sell your current home.  You'll be concerned about the financial considerations, the activity of selling and of course the details of your move itself! 

The first day or two, the excitement of showings and anticipation of an offer to purchase will be front and center.  You'll find yourself wondering:

Did they think the price was right?  Were they impressed with what they saw?  Will they want to live here?

A day with no scheduled tours can be maddening as you wonder; what don't people like about my house?  Is our price too high for the marketplace?  

Instead of worry, focus on working with your local marketing specialist concerning the main three ingredients to a successful sale.



    Choosing a listing price should be based on current market conditions, the condition of your home and insight, provided by your agent, about how the market is trending.  Price too low, and folks may simply wonder what's wrong with the house!  Price too high and you end up helping to sell the competition that much faster.  A combination of recent sales data, pending sales data and the desirable features of your home will dictate the best asking price.


     When heading out for a special occasion you change from your everyday to your fancy best.  Let your house do the same!  Dress it up for this special occasion.  Start with the basics, doing a thorough cleaning of each room, closets and cabinets to show off the home.  Then add the accessories! 

  • Clean, clear walkway to the front door
  • Trimmed hedges, clipped lawn and weeded garden spots
  • Wash the windows, sweep away any front porch debris and add a cozy seat or two to welcome visitors
  • Once the front door opens, make sure the eye beholds a clear, uncluttered look at the home.  No jumble of coats, shoes, sports equipment, school books or other items in the entry.  


    The lawn sign is one of the important attention getting elements, however, the greater number of people start their search for a new home online.  The marketing plan will include excellent photos to utilize on all available online platforms to invite potential buyers to your sale!

There are other details to a successful sales transaction which you and your agent will attend to, but these top three items are the most reasonable place to start.  You might be interested in seeing what your competition will be once you place your home on the market.  Visit this link to take a look at everything else on the market, and perhaps find your next home as well! 

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