When it’s time to sell your luxury home in Montclair or Glen Ridge, what are those buyers looking for?  And what type of marketing should be pursued?  How should a showing be handled?

These are the questions sellers of high end properties should query potential agents about, because there are key elements that differentiate the sales experience at each price point tier.

Your local marketing specialist has the expertise in the luxury home market to facilitate your desired outcome in the sale of your high end home.

FIRST; understand that typical selling seasons only minimally effect a luxury home sale, unlike the starter home market, often driven by other life trends. So anytime is a good time to put your home on the market.

SECOND; while conventional mortgage concerns directly impact most buyers, the luxury home buyer is not as restricted by those same concerns.

THIRD; seasonal trends and especially holiday seasons traditionally drive markets to a large degree.  High end home sellers and their buyers are mostly free of those traditional constraints, as there are more options available and time to work out details to come to mutually acceptable purchase agreements.

WHAT TO EXPECT; Most often, a luxury home offer to purchase comes without contingencies, such as needing to sell an existing home to close a sale. 

Showings will likely be scheduled and conducted with emphasis on your concerns and safety factored in for all parties.

Luxury home buyers tend to have greater focus on details such as location, views, amenities, commute circumstances and the features and finishes of the home as well as the surrounding landscaping.

Luxury means different things in each marketplace. Defining what it means for buyers in our marketplace with the help of your local marketing specialist assures you make the most of the process. 


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