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In this technological age of instant photos and live video on every imaginable screen, are words simply being replaced by visuals in the real estate industry?

Yes! …and NO! Especially regarding a real estate listing description, the importance of excellent photos and wonderful videos should not be downplayed.  However, the words that get used in the initial descriptions of your homes marketing plan remain what will attract most of the desired attention. 

Those words are that vital first impression of the home offered for sale.The basics of highlighting special or unusual features are a case in point.  A picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, but a well written description points out features that may be overlooked in a photograph, as well as making that first impression.  Those follow up photos and video convey the missing element words alone may not be able to invoke, an emotional  connection that will inspire the potential buyer to make that offer to purchase! 

The varying selling price points will almost certainly dictate the types of descriptions to expect.  Lower priced homes, most commonly considered starter houses, may emphasize elements to attract that first time buyer.  Situations that offer some assurance they won’t be facing sudden high priced maintenance or repairs immediately after moving in, like condition of the roof and foundation, newer fixtures like furnace and AC units.

Mid-priced homes might focus more on move-in ready, design elements such as updating done, vaulted ceilings and upgraded appliances. In the upper price point you might find the highlighted features being along the lines of specialized outdoor spaces, high-end finishes and specialty rooms like wine cellars or gourmet kitchens.

Each of the commuter friendly neighborhoods in northern New Jersey has something to appeal to those looking in all three of the price points. 

Whatever price point you may be seeking to sell a home, your local marketing specialist can show you the marketing plan to make your sale attract exactly the right buyer quickly, beginning with the written words to draw attention to the technology that will inspire your buyer to step right up with their best offer to purchase!

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