Spring and summer may get the most attention, but Fall into Winter are great seasons to sell a house in Essex County, NJ!  In fact, Fall is a really popular time for real estate.  Buyers love the cooler temperatures as they get in and out of cars, walk through house after house and can usually take more time to tour the home thanks to kids being in school.

Your local marketing specialist has marketing plans for each season, but here are three specific tips for Autumn:

Keeping Up With The...Leaves - Falling temperatures mean that the leaves will be falling too. Rake the yard often to keep leaf pile-ups to a minimum.  Now of course it's fine to have some leaves in the yard - tis the season after all. But you don't want them hiding flower beds or covering walkways, creating a slick safety hazard as potential buyers come and go!

Fall Into The Season - Log on to Pinterest and you will be bombarded with fall decorating DIYs and tips. It isn't just Autumn, its holiday season, offering so many decorating opportunities to give your buyer the warm fuzzies about your house. Make your home feel festive and help the buyers picture themselves enjoying the holidays there!

Bake Bake Baby! - We all know that when the weather starts to cool off we start to crave warm delicious baked goods. Comfort food for cool weather! So if you have the time baking something for buyers is a great move, not just so that they have something to snack on but also the smells! Nothing feels more homey than walking into a warm home filled with the smell of fresh baked cookies on a cool day. (We know that not everyone has the time for that so if all else fails grab your favorite sugar cookie candle and give it a light for showings!)

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