Who says Valentines Day needs to be chocolate, floral or expensive dinner in a romantic setting? While everyone else scrambles to think up romance February 14th, imagine yourself relaxed, fascinated and astonished...and maybe even making new friends!

There’s so much to love about Essex County, let this be the year you flee the limits of convention.  Grab a special someone, a friend and even your partner and kids and embrace some unusual fun this Valentines week.  You just might fall in love and never want to leave!  

  EASTERN GOLDFINCH; New Jersey State bird

How romantic would a bird watching walk be? February 13, 2021, join the Audubon Society for a Birding Field Trip.  If you’ve never done any bird watching, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ve been missing and delighted at what you may discover.  Start a new back yard tradition or a very special kind of Neighborhood Watch Group! All the details can be found right HERE.  

Remember as a kid, your interest in all things winged and crawly - when was the last time you let that kind of fascination wash over you?  Explore this incredible side of our world at the unique INSECTROPOLIS MUSEUM.  Escape the ordinary and let the wonders of nature up close transport you to peace and harmony with the world around you once again. 

Speaking of escaping, gather a group up for an intellectually challenging event and lock down in one of the Escape Garden State rooms!  

Let go of the everyday, move past the ordinary and fall in love with the Garden State; all over again or for the first time! February is a perfect time to explore new activities and start new traditions.  You can even begin right now to envision your forever home by visiting https://www.njrealestatehomesearch.com/search/advanced_search/