Little houses holding hands representing a neighborhood watch program, EPS 8 vector illustration

What should you know if the home in northern NJ you are thinking of buying is governed by a Homeowners Association? Beyond the probability of greater interaction with the neighbors, these four concerns should be answered before you accept the terms:

  1. FEES: Most HOA's include monthly fees to cover the care and maintenance of common areas and often include exterior and roof of buildings.  Depending on the the type of community, they may also come with privileges for use of certain amenities such as fitness centers, banquet rooms and even pools for residence use only.  Fees vary greatly depending on what is provided, so you need to be sure to include those in your monthly budgeting.
  2. RULES: Tend to encompass a wide variety of subjects, from colors of exterior buildings, parking spaces, pets and how much involvement residents have in making or changing the rules and regulations.
  3. RESOLVE DISPUTES: Living in any community, it's a fact of life that sometimes you and the neighbors may not agree on everything.  One benefit of an HOA Board is a way to resolve any such disputes quickly and hopefully painlessly. No need to agonize over a dog who barks all night; the HOA will resolve it for you and possibly preserve your friendships in the process.
  4. MAINTENANCE: Imagine NOT having to shovel snow, rake leaves or call a repairman for every little thing. 


HOA's come with restrictions, and you'll want to make sure you are in agreement with those restrictions.  Covenants control everyone's actions for the good of the whole community.  There are positives and negatives to be considered and it comes down to your personal preferences.  

With or without a Homeowners Association to watch over things, take a look at all the homes available to consider in your home search:

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