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New NJ homeowner or long-time member, welcome to the world of homeownership!  If you've been here awhile, you may or may not already know; but if you are new to the club, you may not be aware at let's dive right in!

Owning your own home is an exciting, confidence building, steadying experience that comes with a many benefits - such as built-in wealth building through equity - and also a few responsibilities.  One of those is the maintenance of your property to build the most equity you possibly can!

Spring with its sense of renewal and refreshing is a great time to tackle upkeep on your new - or current home.  


Beyond the idea of "spring cleaning" here are several ways to help extend the life of your appliances and fixtures, and maybe fend off repair bills for quite some time.  Maintenance is almost always less expensive than repairs or replacements!

Starting in the kitchen:

  • Pull out the fridge and vacuum those coils!  Dust build up not only causes less efficient functioning, it can lead to break downs!
  • Check the dishwasher connections for anything loose that can lead to leaks; and while you're in there, clean out any debris build up in the filter.  Clean your spray arms, then run a light cycle after adding a cup on white vinegar to the bottom of the machine to deodorize the interior and drain hoses
  • Cut off power to the garbage disposal to be safe, then check for any debris.  Turn back on and add sevice cubes and a cut up lemon to clean dispel odors
  • A white vinegar bath is also great for cleaning and deodorizing the stove filter.  While you're tackling that task, don't forget about setting the oven to clean.  No self-clean option?  That's ok!  Baking soda and water paste will make short work of it.  For grease, white vinegar does an excellent job
  • White vinegar to the rescue again for deep cleaning the microwave!  This time, put 2 cups of white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl and set to HIGH for five minutes. Let sit 3 minutes and wipe away stubborn food stains

Moving on to the Laundry room:

  • Check hoses for wear and tear; replace as needed to avoid costly - AND MESSY - water damage
  • Clean behind/under the lint trap for loose debris
  • Clean out lint build up in the dryer vent to the outside; this is the #1 fire hazard in most homes!

...and around the rest of the house:

  • once you turn the furnace off for the year, change out the air filter for a fresh start next winter
  • speaking of fresh - let all the fresh air in this spring to rejuvenate yourself and the clear out all the stale air from a house closed against winters chill - but keep out flying pests! Give those screens a rinse and repair or replace any torn screening
  • this is a good time to give the basement a once over for any dampness that may need attention, and make sure no critters claimed the attic as their new home over the winter months!
  • The AC will be coming on soon, so be sure to check the drain pan and empty as needed if it has one; clean or replace any filters and clear away debris from outside units

A couple of times throughout the year, give your house a good once over.  It really can help you avoid costly repairs or constant replacements.  It can also mean higher equity gains if the time to sell is this year.  Your local marketing specialist is the best place to start to discover just how much equity that might be.

(This list is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be a complete list of home maintenance)

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