Stylish interior of modern living room with light wall

Unless you hired a decorator and didn't supervise them, or you are living in an already furnished apartment, most likely you chose the furniture in your home.  You've chosen the color scheme, the layout, the wall art.  


What you've chosen and even HOW you've chosen to put it all together says a lot about who you are and how you relate to the world around you.


Bucking all the decorating trends and staunchly "doing your own thing"?  It's a safe bet you also show a little to a lot of rebellion in other areas of your life too!  You probably aren't a "go along to get along" kind of person.  You also are more likely to initiate conversation topics that make others a bit uncomfortable, just to see what response you receive.


Bright colors and bold patterns that make a splash are usually favored by open, friendly personality types that are prone to starting conversations with perfect strangers who quickly become new friends. Possibly voted "Most Popular" in the high school yearbook, you embrace new situations quicker than most and welcome lots of divergent opinions and ideas for discussion.


Somber, quiet neutrals indicate deep thinkers, who like to look at all sides before forming their own opinion and are fairly open to new ideas; when those ideas are introduced in a slow, steady manner!  Your are more likely to hear Beethoven rather than the Beatles coming from the sound system.  The seating arrangements will fall more in traditional, formal lines, too.


Seldom do open, friendly souls choose stiff, uncomfortable furnishings for their home.  Formal, however, does not always translate to unfriendly!  Each personality type will display a variety of style choices, from the no-fuss minimalist to the goal setting trend follower.


Where you live makes a much larger statement about your values, lifestyle choices and hopes for the future!  Single, but seeking a family friendly neighborhood?  Empty nesting and ready to make new friendships?  Embarking on the new career path and seeking the best commute circumstance?  Whatever type of home and the area you are most interested in exploring, your local marketing specialist can offer a variety of homes to consider.


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