There is only one reason that a house does not sell - if there are active buyers in the marketplace - and that is the price. 


If your house is a maintenance nightmare … but you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is a pristine palace … and you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is clean … and you price it right it will sell. 

If your house is messy, cluttered or dark … but you price it right it will sell.


So the question that really needs to be asked is not, why isn’t my house selling? The right question is - at what price will my house sell within a reasonable time frame based on today’s real estate market conditions?


There is a price point for every property, no matter the shape the property is in or the location of the property.  Once you have the price valuation correct based on market conditions, property condition and buyer activity, there are only two other areas of concern you may need to address.


    • Does the description do the property justice?
    • Do the pictures inspire scheduling a personal walk through?
    • Is the marketing plan strategic?

No matter what the condition, location or price, few people will take a look at the property if they aren’t even aware it’s for sale, the description is dismal or the photographs are uninspiring, dull, blurry or unattractive.



    • Are you staying in the house for every showing? Being present at each showing makes a buyer uneasy; they don’t feel free to really explore the home, so there is no way they can get a feel if it fits them!
    • Have you designated certain rooms or areas as “off limits”?  A buyer will not even consider purchasing what they haven’t been able to see for themselves.  Locking up certain rooms or areas from view and the tour itself almost guarantee’s a lack of offers to buy.
    • Are there animals loose or caged or blocking access in the home?  They are your fur-baby, and who doesn’t LOVE a fur-baby?  Well, a potential buyer may not love your fur-baby.  They may be fearful, allergic or simply annoyed that they can’t examine the garage due to the presence of an animal.


There are ways around every situation you may encounter when considering putting your property up for sale.  Your local marketing specialist can help you ascertain and overcome each one to help you sell your property at the best possible price and for the best possible terms. 


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