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Despite there seeming to be a plethora reasons to stay inside, keep paying rent, and put off buying a home for next year perhaps, the fact is, people - quite a lot of people actually - are actively seeking to purchase their own home in Montclair NJ, RIGHT NOW!

How should current homeowners in Essex County, Montclair, Glen Ridge and Verona, who were thinking of selling a property respond?

RIGHT NOW IS AN EXCELLENT TIME TO LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE OF COURSE!   Just Listed Sold Real Estate Home for Sale Sign 3d Illustration


We'll take all necessary precautions, and we'll utilize every marketing tool available for a successful sale!  Can you trust the idea that buyers are active and plentiful?  ABSOLUTELY! and here's why:

  1. Affordability is a very big issue to buyers.  With incredible low interest rates available, affordability has expanded to a great many more buyers, inspiring the jump from renter to owner 
  2. People have been making major changes to not only their home lives, but their business lives, and realizing they need either MORE SPACE or DIFFERENT STYLE OF SPACE to move forward with the changes being experienced
  3. Those changes and recent events have meant financial changes for people, and not all have been negative.  Some have found their savings swelling, as they've spent far less than usual on commuting costs, recreation and other expenses.  Those savings are inspiring more than a few to step into the home ownership field sooner than they had anticipated it being available to them to do so

Events have created new opportunities for buyer and seller alike, making this a unique time for both to take advantage and advance their personal financial and home owning goals under very beneficial circumstances.

If you're just looking at homes for sale in Montclair NJ, and are apprehensive about buying or don't know where to start. I'd be more than happy to guide you through the home buying journey.

To explore available listings or to get a general idea of the value of your home in this marketplace, please visit: for information, guidelines, ideas and more!