Winter is such a great time for skiing, sledding and selling a home.  Yes, you read that right, winter is a great time to sell a house.  While it is true that winter sales tend to favor the buyer, in this current seller’s market, there are some excellent reasons you may not want to wait for spring to put your property up for sale.

Cold weather certainly isn’t much inspiration for house hunting. So those that are out braving the frigid air of winter – they are your serious house hunters that are ready to buy! These are the buyers that are less likely to schedule a showing “just to see what the house looks like". That means that when a showing is scheduled, it’s more likely they already like what they’ve seen online. At that point, your main concern is insuring that the house meets or exceeds the expectations set by your online photos and descriptions.

There are a number of small but significant things you can do to make that happen:

·         Start by sharing photos of the home in sunnier circumstances; a well-placed photo at the entrance of the house front is a start. One that shows off the pool when it’s open for enjoying; a reminder that the driveway isn’t always full of snow and ice and the back yard is alive with blooms the rest of the year!

·         Let ALL the light shine in! Winter tends to be darker, so open those blinds, draw those drapes and turn on every light, even in closets, for all scheduled showings. Add extra light sources to rooms with only one window to brighten things in every corner.

·         Create a warm, welcoming and cozy atmosphere:

o   Cleared walkways to the front door

o   A clean and uncluttered entry

o   Fresh baked cookies set out with an invitation

o   Fresh cut flowers in several rooms that hint of springtime

o   If there’s a fireplace, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight it

o   Make sure the temperature in the house is comfortable, so people will linger

o   Remember, soft instrumental music in the background sets a happy mood

Even though it’s the winter selling season and especially if you encounter buyers with unrealistic price expectations, remember you should expect a more motivated buyer, too. You are both “braving the elements” to transact a real estate deal, so the deal should reflect a win for both parties. Your local marketing specialist has all the scoop on how to make that winter sale work for you!

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